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ceramic coatings


The best quality GYEON Ceramics with unbeatable infinite warranty

World’s first coating based on fluoro modified polysilazanes guarantees outstanding durability, hydrophobicity and self cleaning.

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select your vehicle size




Before you book a service

The preparation of the vehicle and applying process takes between 2 to 3 days. For your piece of mind, each package is covered by 1 to 5 years warranty, read our terms and conditions for more details about warranty.

Vehicle sizes explained

Small cars include models like the Ford Fiesta, Audi A1, Fiat 500, and A Class. Medium-sized vehicles feature the Ford Mondeo, Audi A4, and BMW 5 Series. For larger vehicles, examples include the Ford Galaxy, Audi Q7, BMW X5, and Range Rover.


These highlight the protective, aesthetic and maintenance benefits of ceramic coating

Brand Recommendation

GYEON is suggested as one of the best ceramic coating brands in the world.

UV Protection

Ceramic coating provides protection from UV damage and oxidation, preventing dulled and faded paint caused by exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Extended Protection

Ceramic coatings offer prolonged protection superior to traditional car waxes or paint sealants.

Scratch Protection

GYEON Infinite ceramic coating is harder than paint, providing a higher level of scratch protection compared to the original paint surface.

Cleanliness Maintenance

Ceramic coatings make it easier to keep the vehicle clean as dirty water and contaminants roll off, maintaining a fresh appearance.

Gloss and Shine

Ceramic coating provides an outstanding gloss and deep shine to the vehicle’s paint.

Hydrophobic Properties

The coating is hydrophobic, offering self-cleaning properties with excellent water beading. It repels dirt and contaminants more effectively than an unprotected, waxed, or paint-sealed vehicle.

Ease of Cleaning

Vehicles with ceramic coatings are easier to wash and maintain, as demonstrated in tests where coatings outlast and perform better than other products over time.

Increased Life

Ceramic coating is recommended for any vehicles including newer vehicles or those with new paint protection film (PPF) or vinyl wrap, as it can increase the life of the paint, PPF, or vinyl wrap.


The infinite warranty is valid as long as the customer respects the periodical services routing with his selected Gyeon Certified Detailer.

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Taking vehicle care to the next level with our advanced add-ons


Exceptional quality, comprehensive care and expertise in every aspect of your vehicle needs

Peace of mind

Custom Detailing Studios are fully insured, including public liability, site entrance gates locked, 4K CCTV and alarm, also ventilated and feed with carbon filtered air.


Each studio is equipped with air conditioning to ensure the best temperature and humidity are set for ceramic coating application and PPF installation.


Benefit from our wealth of experience in the automotive industry. Exclusive GYEON Certified Cetailer and PPF Installer, Rupes accredited and PVD accredited.


Experience a service characterized by highest professionalism, where every detail is handled with precision and expertise, ensuring your vehicle receives top-tier care.


Place your trust in us, a reliable partner dedicated to transparency, integrity, and delivering on promises. Your vehicle is in safe hands with our trustworthy approach.


We approach every task with a serious commitment to excellence, leaving no room for compromise. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we take every aspect of our service seriously.

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Feel free to contact us to discuss your car’s detailing requirements, or conveniently book a service online to schedule your appointment.

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